MAD is a personal project by Red Art.

Using our skills in sewing techniques, make-up and photography we create our own visual journal.

Our creations are inspired by dreams, deep feelings and madness in art or literature: we want to bring our surreal world into reality.

Dream it. Feel it. Live it.


We develop our original design and create each garnment with our hands: we like to play with different materials and techniques to create wearable-art, and because of the long process we dedicate to our creations, each product is unique and made with good quality.

We don't make mass produced clothes. We create unique pieces.

MAD is fashion-art: our creations are not simple clothes, they have a meaning and they take life in the eyes of the watcher.

To do this we take our own pictures or collaborate with other photographers and artist to give that surrealistic feeling to each page of our MAD journal (see the gallery).


Our design is generally based on historical resources, then we make up our own surrealistic touch adding unconventional details.

Dolls and puppets have a big role in MAD design (which in a way became our symbol during the years): we sculpt and sew doll parts to the clothes, or use vintage dolls, eyes and lace to create original decorations. In some case our models look like dolls themselves.


A mix of history, goth, vintage, steampunk, and fairytale...we can't describe our style with any other word than "MAD".


With MAD we work freelance for theatre, stage performances, video, exibitions and personal projects, but some clothes are also made to wear everyday.

And because MAD is so unique you won't find our creations in regular stores, but we take your own personal order.

(Feel free to contact us if you want more info about a custom made order)


Take a taste of the MAD world.......where once you've entered, it will be difficult to escape!